Cherie Coon Author


  The Saga of Yani

 Cherie Coon Author


  The Saga of Yani


I have been writing since I was a young girl growing up in a small Ohio town. Books were always a part of my life. Both my parents read  a wide variety to us, from poetry like that of Longfellow and Service to the books of Laura Ingles Wilder.  

 Recently, when self-publishing and eBooks became wide spread, I decided to give it a try. After lots of trial and many errors, I think I finally have the hang of it. Now that I have two books published and a third almost ready to launch I feel I have the hang of it. Who knows where my writing will take me next.  

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Book One of the Saga of Yani

If you are looking for a feel-good book, this is it. The action begins with Yani finding she has been traded to the old flint knapper for the blades her father needs to hunt. You ask, "How can this be a feel good book?" Rather than a life in a village where she is considered a difficult child, Yani's life becomes one of adventure. As the old man and girl travel through a fantasy stone age land, a warm father daughter bond develops.   

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Follow Yani and the old flint Knapper as they journey through a stone age land. Along the way they meet with adventure, new friends and sometimes danger.

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Book Two of the Saga of Yani

Yani and Wolf now live alone in the sea shelter they had shared with Knut, the old flint knapper, until he passed to the Otherside. One day when Yani is all alone, not even Wolf is there with her, a group of Seamen appear at the mouth of the shelter. They are blocking her escape so there is no way she can run and hide. Before she knows what is going on one of them has picked her up and dumped her into the bottom of one of their boats. In horror she watches her home disappear as the boat sails away. But where are they taking her? And why? So another adventure begins.

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Book Three 

Yani and Etta - A New Beginning

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